Christy R. Mathew

VeriVery 1st US Tour Canceled As Yongseung Gets COVID, Fans Say ‘Not Your Fault’

With the epidemic improving in recent months, a number of venues reopened, in-person events resumed, and concerts and international tours resumed. Monsta X is touring the United States with iHeartRadio’s Jingle Ball; while BTS had a four-day event in Los Angeles.

In addition, a number of K-pop acts, including Eric Nam, TWICE, Ateez, and VeriVery, have announced overseas tours for 2022. However, there has been another Covid-19 epidemic, with shows being cancelled as a result.

Due to an increase in cases, many artists withdrew from the final leg of the Jingle Ball, and South Korea was once again placed under martial law. TWICE’s show in Seoul had to be cancelled, and other in-person annual music events may follow suit. 

However, one group and its fanbase are going through a particularly trying time. When the epidemic occurred, member Yongseung of the K-pop group VeriVery was on their first successful US tour.

On December 5, VeriVery embarked on their very first US tour, dubbed ‘2021 VeriVery 1st Tour In US.’ It was planned to last until December 20th, with nine stops around the United States. They began in Los Angeles and were scheduled to end in New York. 

They were almost done with their tour with only a handful more stops to go. Unfortunately, fans were informed on December 17 that their concert at their seventh stop, which was scheduled for that night in Cleveland, would be cancelled.

Jellyfish, the label, revealed that atypical symptoms had been seen and that everyone had been checked. Yongseung, on the other hand, appears to have tested positive.