Update on the WWE fan lawsuit for pyro injuries

Marvin Jackson brought legal action against WWE in January. 

He claimed in his lawsuit that being too close to the fireworks at WrestleMania last year caused him to lose his hearing.

WWE has made an effort to transfer the action from Tarrant County, Texas to the Northern District of Texas federal court in the interim.

Additionally, the business has argued that arbitration should be used because that is what fans agree to when they buy tickets to a WWE event. 

Last Friday, Jackson's attorney responded to those efforts by outlining a rather straightforward defense for why he is exempt from those conditions. 

There are just two fundamental facts that Jackson is agreeing to in order to make his case for avoiding private arbitration proceedings.

The first is that the tickets were a gift from his nephew. He did not acquire them as a result, and he did not assent to the terms at the time of purchase.

Second, he was never in actual physical possession of the tickets. He never had copies of the digital files utilised; they were stored on his nephew's phone.



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