Until Lebron James Retires He Will Remain The Greatest Player In The League

LeBron James is one of the greatest players to have ever played the game. Ex-players and media have their top five lists. James is in most of them. James had his fair share of criticisms throughout his career, but no one can doubt the talent the man has or his achievements.

There are some who do, obviously. Yet the vast majority of criticisms acknowledge he is a world-class player with flaws. So, it is never surprising to see him at the top of stat lists. He has, after all, won four NBA rings throughout his career.

Hence, following on with that, an account on Twitter posted a stat list of active players who have put in the most amount of 30 point games during the playoffs. It was no surprise that LeBron James was on the list. 

He has scored 30+ points in 118 games, more than 40 games from the second place Kevin Durant. This stat gives a lot of insight into how James played at the big stage. Fans reacted to this in a similar fashion.

They have already hailed him as “The King”. James is well loved and hated by fans of the NBA. But here, there was much more love than hate. After all, this stat shows how much of a monster he was during the playoff stages.

LeBron James was a really promising draft prospect. The fact that he realized that promise and much more is very crazy to think about for fans. Since 2003, he has been playing at a very high level. During his first playoffs appearance, he was averaging around 30.8 ppg.

In 2007, he averaged around 25 points to take his team to the NBA Finals. His highest points per game he scored during the playoffs was around 35 points in 2009. The Cavaliers went to the Conference Finals that year. Unfortunately, they lost to the Orlando Magic.

For the Miami Heat, he has averaged around 30 and 26 points during their championship years in 2012 and 2013. For the Cavaliers, he averaged around 26 during their championship year in 2016. In 2017 and 2018, he had scored 30+ points in two consecutive seasons(32.8 and 34 ppg).

It says a lot when he has averaged over 25 points 13 out of 15 seasons he has played in the playoffs. Hence, it is no surprise that LeBron James is praised that much by the fans. He has shown it on court for the longest time and will continue showing it.