Unexpected Floyd Mayweather News from KSI: "It's Not Happening"

Since a few years ago, influencer boxing has become increasingly popular.

In the sport, this wave has been establishing new benchmarks. 

Influencers like Jake Paul, who defied convention by becoming a professional boxer, have only fueled the excitement surrounding this crossover scene.

Boxing enthusiasts were recently surprised by a new framework for the sport. 

The first boxing tag team match ever took place during the Misfits X DAZN boxing event, despite the fact that some fans like this format while others dislike it.

It was at this occasion that Floyd Mayweather Jr. and British YouTuber KSI-related rumours first surfaced.

Nevertheless, KSI recently used YouTube to inform his supporters of some depressing news regarding a tag team battle involving the Brit and Mayweather Jr.

The British actor spoke candidly about the Floyd Mayweather Jr. partnership speculations in a video that he released on his YouTube page.



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