Uncovering Floyd Mayweather’s ‘$800 Million’ Message to Taylor Hammond Before the Conor McGregor Fight

Ahead of the highly anticipated crossover between Floyd Mayweather and the UFC megastar Conor McGregor, SHOWTIME filmed an emotional video clip of former five-weight division pugilist Floyd Mayweather with a 10-year-old kid named Taylor Hammond.

Though the undefeated champ had met many people across the globe, he never welcomed a guest like Hammond in his entire life.

A Las Vegas-based kid, Hammond spent his entire childhood idolizing the greatest champion of the USA. ‘The Pretty Boy’ of Boxing welcomed this kid into his boxing gym in Vegas to let him live the dream days of life in the last stage of leukemia.

Hammond was battling serious leukemia for years. He always wanted to become a boxer like Mayweather, but life is not fair to everyone.

The first glimpse of Mayweather stunned Taylor Hammond. He could not believe that the guy who was smiling at him was his real-life hero. Overjoyed, he ran to hug Mayweather.

They had a heartwarming meeting. Later, Mayweather took him on a brief trip to his gym. After meeting Mayweather, Hammond said, “Floyd Mayweather is like a total champion. He is like such a fighter that actually gives me hope.”

‘The Best Ever’ laced the gloves on the hands of Hammond himself and taught him some basics as a teacher. Then he took to him on a punching bag.

Later, Mayweather displayed his skills on the speed bag. Interestingly, it looked so amazing to Hammond that he claimed he could watch it the whole day.

However, later Hammond told Mayweather that he too was fighting with an opponent named cancer. As a motivational figure, Mayweather gave him some deep life lessons. He told the kid to stay positive under any circumstances.