UFC President Dana White Accuses Jake Paul and Floyd Mayweather of Staging Altercation for Publicity Stunt

Jake Paul and Floyd Mayweather have been accused of staging their recent altercation by UFC president Dana White.

The feud between Paul and Mayweather started when Paul stole Mayweather's hat at the press conference for his exhibition with Paul's brother Logan.

Last week, footage emerged of Mayweather and his entourage confronting Paul outside an NBA match in Miami.

White insists he is not buying that the altercation was real, claiming that the approach from Mayweather was not in his usual style.

Sources close to Mayweather insisted that they did not intend to come across Paul outside the arena, but the legend was left angered by Paul's previous comments.

“I just can’t see Floyd doing that,” White said on an interview with TMZ Sports when discussing the viral footage.

“I can’t see Floyd rolling up on somebody and doing that. It’s not Floyd’s style. It’s not really his personality. I thought it was a skit. I’m not buying it. When’s the last time you saw Floyd Mayweather act like a thug and roll up on somebody with 50 people? That’s just not what Floyd does. Yeah, I’m not buying it.”

Paul had been chasing a contest with Mayweather for several months, but appeared to give up hope after being knocked back.

Paul appeared to reignite his offer to fight Mayweather following the chance meeting.