Tyson Fury breaks silence with new offer to rival Oleksandr Usyk

Tyson Fury is only willing to offer Oleksandr Usyk 30 per cent of purse for their undisputed heavyweight world title fight.

Usyk had been demanding an even split before his promoter revealed he was willing to take a lower percentage

But Fury's demands are unlikely to be met, leaving the fight, in serious jeopardy 

Fury took to Instagram to say: "I see all this talk of boxing fights, they want 50 per cent

Tyson is being greedy... but from where I'm standing, Usyk, you and your team are worth 30 per cent.

Either take it or you leave it and if you don't want it, go and fight Daniel Dubois at the Copper Box and get a few million dollars.

"If you want real money come and fight the Gypsy King, but what I will say, for every day from today that you linger and mess around, I'm going to deduct one per cent from the 30 per cent

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