Tyron Woodley Sends Out A Scary Message For Jake Paul Ahead Of Their Fight

Tyron Woodley is all hyped up to get into the boxing ring with YouTuber turned Pro Boxer Jake ‘PRBLM CHILD’ Paul.

Tyron Woodley sent out a strong message to the younger Paul brother.

He said that combat sports and fighting is in his ‘DNA’ and he is not worried about August 29th.

“This was my lifestyle before it became a sport, before it became a career."

Tyron Woodley:

Tyron Woodley has promised that he would ‘hurt’ Jake Paul in the ring like he has never been before

He went on to the extend to suggest that Jake Paul’s fight against him might be the last fight of his career.

"You’re gonna see Jake Paul get hurt in a way you’d never imagine. He may not want to do this again after this,”

However, Jake Paul is no less.

However, Jake Paul is no less. He is already eyeing his next opponent, Conor McGregor