Twitch Streamer XQc Rage Quits GTA RP Server Exposing Him To Another Ban

Twitch streamer Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has been playing on the GTA RP server for quite some time and his experience has not been the best

xQc has faced many bans from the GTA RP server and also attracted criticism for lack of role-playing skills in the game

However, this time xQc has lashed out on the game server for an apparent ‘glitch’ during a police chase.

While xQc was absconding from the police vehicle, he was caught due to a glitch in the game that was exploited by the police players.

The police officers raided xQc’s vehicle and found a murder weapon that according to rules of the GTA server comes with a heavy prison sentence.

xQc says that the police officers exploiting the glitch has set a bad precedent in the game