Twitch Fame XQc Disappointed Over ‘Weird Sh*T’ That Streamers Are Facing

Twitch Streamer and Internet Celebrity ‘xQc’ recently expressed his frustration and disappointment with the state of Twitch.

xQc believes that streaming has gotten very ‘odd’ lately

The reason is the increased swatting and other ‘weird sh*t’ that streamers are facing on Twitch.

While xQc has been swatted many times during streams, it was not just about him.

He also talked about Kaitlyn Amouranth whose house was attacked by an arsonist.

xQc said ‘what the f**k is happening’?

“Streaming has just gotten really… I wouldn’t say it’s a sad reality, but it’s just very odd. It’s just gotten really odd,” xQc said.