Tristan Tate predicted to be Released: ‘Andrew Stays Alone in there’

The future of the Tate brothers remain uncertain in Romanian prison

Andrew Tate and his brother were arrested by Romanian authorities last year in December 

They were arrested on the allegations of human trafficking, rape and forming a criminal organization

Andrew Tate bail plea has been denied by the judges for the fifth in the row. Meanwhile, fans on the internet predicted that Tristan Tate will be out.

 Tristan Tate’s plea for release is set to go under the microscope tomorrow,

I feel like they’re going to let Tristan out, only so Andrew stays alone in there.  I don’t think they kept him in jail for that long to release him at the end.  They’re up to something" One user wrote on Twitter

Its dangerous to separate them. If one gets free before the other... I'd like to not think about that

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