Trevanto Rhodes To Play Mike Tyson In The Upcoming Hulu Series


There’s a story behind every successful person, same goes with Mike Tyson everyone knows him as the world-famous Boxer but do you know the story of his life?

Hulu releases the teaser of Mike Tyson’s upcoming series.

It will be an 8 episode series featuring Trevante Rhodes, Russell Hornsby,  Laura Harrier, Li Eubanks' and Harvey Keitel

The series is all set to release on August 25th, 2022.

Trevante Rhodes will be transforming into Mike Tyson in the upcoming series

I, Tonya’s screenwriter Steven Rogers will explore the controversies & different aspects of Tyson’s life.

In the first look of the series, we get to see the evolution of Mike right from childhood to his boxing life. It will also cover some of his controversies.

The series  is referred to as “unauthorized and no holds barred.”

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