The LA Lakers  are reportedly operating like Westbrook will be part of the squad next season and won't entertain any move for him that includes a draft pick.

Then again, perhaps the right player could push the Lakers to let go of his selections to get a star that would take them to the next level.

According to Kevin O'Connor of The Ringer, Bradley Beal could be a target for the Lakers, and they could use Westbrook to land the shooting guard.

“The one name that I’ve heard recently is Bradley Beal as another guy that they want,” O’Connor detailed on the June 15, 2022 edition of “The Void” podcast, via Heavy. 

“I’m not sure if the interest is as mutual. You know Beal, it seems like Miami would be more of the threat to take him away from Washington. I don’t think you can also rule out Boston either because of 

his relationship with Jason Tatum, but the Lakers are trying to angle for some moves like that using the Russ expiring [contract] and the ’27 and the ’29 firsts [first-round draft picks].”

Beal's future is still uncertain at this point. The Lakers could take advantage of this and lure him away from Washington, but that won't be an easy job.

As O'Connor mentions, the Miami Heat and even the Philadelphia 76ers could put up a good fight for Beal's services. Nothing is certain now, but this could become a very intense story in the offseason.