Tommy Fury open to Jake Paul rematch and blames Oleksandr Usyk for collapse of Tyson Fury fight

Tommy Fury told Soccer AM he is open to a rematch with Jake Paul

and he blames Oleksandr Usyk for the fight being called off with Tyson Fury 

Tommy Fury was in talks with Soccer AM where he talked about the rematch with Jake Paul, his next fight and other things

When asked about the rematch with Jake Paul, Fury said:

I'm down for a rematch. I will fight him tomorrow. Does he want it? I'm not so sure. The next fight I will take will be bigger than Jake Paul."

Tommy was also asked about his brother, after plans for Tyson to fight Usyk

"He [Tyson Fury] does not like Usyk at the minute. There is a lot of politics in boxing. The reason why this fight isn't getting made isn't down to Tyson at all.

Tyson Fury wants Tag team match with Tommy Fury against Jake and Logan Paul

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