Tom Holland Wants Spider-Man And Captain America To Work Together

If the opportunity ever arises, Tom Holland is all in for a Spider-Man and Anthony Mackie’s Captain America team-up.

Both Holland and Mackie have had a successful year in 2021.

Mackie appeared in the Disney+ series The Falcon and the Winter Soldier in the spring, and Sam Wilson was finally turned into the next Captain America.

He’ll next be seen in Captain America 4, which has yet to be released, indicating that Marvel has big plans for him.

Though No Way Home was first billed as a possible conclusion for Holland’s Spider-Man, producer Amy Pascal’s recent statements suggest there may be more to come.

Assuming he’ll remain in the MCU, one can only hope he’ll join forces with other heroes like Captain America. Holland, for one, is interested in it, as he recently stated in an interview with

Mackie went to Avengers Campus earlier this year and tried out the Web Slingers ride, an interactive activity where visitors can earn points by shooting faulty Spider-Bots.