Tiktok car trend explained

By Christy Mathew

There is a trend making the rounds on TikTok were a used car-themed profile to share their dating history and facts is going viral on TikTok.

TikTok is known for its many trends that have gone viral over the years. Recently, dance trends like Stay challenge has been taking over the platform.

However, there is another trend that is taking over and thousands of people are getting in on it. It is called the 'car trend'.

The trend involves using fact file template themed around cars and lists all the necessary information about yourself and your dating history.

The trend has previous owners to reveal the number of exes and explanation of their nationalities and/or zodiac sign. 

The meaning seems to differe slightly depending on who would make the post but users have gone viral with their videos explaining everything about the fact file.

But not everyone is a fan as they consider it to be "dehumanizing" and claims of women objectifying  themselves by participating are also going around.