Thor: Love & Thunder Writer Reveals She Also Worked On Hawkeye

Christy Mathew

Thor: The God of Thunder and Love Jennifer Kaytin Robinson, a writer; has stated that she worked on Disney+’s newest MCU original series, Hawkeye, for a short time. Marvel Studios’ latest slate of films has spanned a wide range of genres and storytelling styles; since they started announcing new projects earlier this year.

When Disney+ debuted its first slate of original streaming shows earlier this year; this was never more clear than the move from WandaVision to The Falcon and the Winter Soldier; and finally to Loki. Now, a writer like Robinson can transition from writing on a low-level hero like Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) to a true deity like Thor in the MCU (Chris Hemsworth).

While Thor: Love and Thunder are still six months away, Hawkeye premiered its first two episodes on Disney+ earlier today. Renner reprises his MCU role of Clint Barton in the series; as he returns from a brief retirement to mentor a new young vigilante called Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld).

Apart from confirmation that Natalie Portman will return to the franchise to tackle Jane Foster’s cancer narrative; which was initially featured in the comics; most of Thor’s idea is kept under wraps. Despite the vastly different stories, Robinson appears to have played a role in the completion of both projects.

Robinson recently sent out a congratulatory tweet in honour of Hawkeye’s Disney+ launch. She disclosed in a tweet that she “Got to spend a little time […] last summer working on Hawkeye.” Here’s the rest of the tweet:

Hawkeye and Thor: Love and Thunder will cover vastly different aspects of the Marvel universe; but they will also feature plenty of laughs. Robinson has directed her own comedic projects, 

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