THIS Instagram post by Shailene Woodley has her fans confused

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After releasing a photo of baby feet on her Instagram account, Shailene Woodley has left fans confused and wondering if she is pregnant or has recently given birth. 

The 29-year-old actress, who is engaged to Aaron Rodgers, uploaded the simple black-and-white picture with no explanation, allowing followers to guess about what it all meant.

Fans were immediately puzzled as to what Shailene was trying to portray with her mysterious Instagram photo.

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Many people wondered if the kid was a friend's or if she had it with her fiancé Aaron. 

 Others suggested that the photo of a newborn's feet was a means for her to tease the fact that she is currently expecting her first child. 

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According to Page Six, one perplexed Twitter follower inquired, "DID SHAILENE WOODLEY AND AARON RODGERS HAVE A BABY???" 


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Shailene Woodley

Meanwhile, this isn't the first time the pair has kept their personal lives a secret, as they didn't even admit they were dating until they announced their engagement in February.


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