The YouTube Crew Of MrBeast Has Two New Members – Find Out Who

Viral YouTuber MrBeast has onboarded two new content creators and crew mates for his YouTube channel.

They are former members and content creators of the eSports organizations 100 Thieves: Avalanche and Classify.

There was no certainty as to where Avalanche and Classify were headed to after their departure from the eSports org.

But now fans do have a confirmation.

Avalanche and Classify took to Twitter to announce that they have joined the MrBeast collective on September 25.

“We’ve moved across the country to North Carolina to make some dope content with some dope people,” Avalanche wrote on Twitter, posting a selfie with MrBeast himself.

Classify also posted a picture with MrBeast and revealed he would be making content with the viral YouTuber as well.