The World Premiere Of Lightyear: Exclusive Looks Of The Cast

After playing one of the most favorite characters Captain America in Marvel Cinematic Universe, Chris Evans is back as the new  Captain in his upcoming movie Lightyear.

"On 8th June, the premiere of Pixar’s Buzzlight year took place in Hollywood at EI Captain theatre.

We got to see the stars of lightyear walking down the red carpet & they all looked amazing.

Buzz lightyear is all set to release on 17th June 2022

Chris Evans talks about how was it being a part of such an iconic franchise and voicing buzz he says, “It’s intimidating, it’s a little daunting you wanna make sure that you pay homage to Tim because he did such a good job but you wanna try and find a way to get your own interpretation but it’s you know I put my trust in Pixar.”

CHRIS EVANS The Buzz Lightyear star looked handsome wearing a black printed T-shirt along with glares.

The Exclusive Looks Of The Cast At The World Premiere

KEKE PALMER She rocked the red carpet look by wearing a shiny body suit skirt with a galaxy vibed top

YVETTE NICOLE BROWN She was looking absolutely stunning wearing a summer-like outfit with blue, white, and black prints.