The Witcher Season 2 Salary has been revealed by Henry Cavill

After a story claimed Henry Cavill’s salary for The Witcher season 2  was $400k per episode, sources now claim the actor is paid significantly  more.

Cavill plays Geralt of Rivia, the main monster hunter in the epic  drama, as he travels across the medieval region known as the Continent.

Geralt will discover his destiny is related to that of Cintran  princess Cirilla during his trip, with season 2 focusing on their  meeting and his efforts to protect her from the evil forces pursuing her  and her growing magical powers.

The latest figures for Cavill’s Witcher season 2 salary are a significant improvement above the previous claim, which stated that he was paid $400k each episode.

With no indication of when he signed the $1 million per episode deal,  it’s unclear whether the previous claim was inaccurate or if he and  Netflix collaborated to secure him a bigger payment for the next new  chapter.

Whatever the situation may be, Cavill earning extra money is almost  certainly a sign of the streaming service’s positive faith in his work  on the program and its future.