HBO satirical mystery series is to make a comeback with a new season.

The series was only expected to last one season long, but recent reports have come in stating there might be a Season 2 of the show.

The series mostly will not be casting the same stars as White Lotus Season 1, but reportedly one character would be reprising their role in the show.

That star is none other than, Jennifer Coolidge who will be once again seen as  Tanya McQuold.

The series makers are taking the story to a different White Lotus resort this time and will create the story on different characters taking a stay in the resort.

Tanya McQuold was one of the characters based in the resort who had a mission to scatter her mother's ashes in the first season of the show.

In a conversation with TVLine, the actor  Jennifer Coolidge, of the show shared her views about her returning to The White Lotus Season 2 with a new story.

She said- "I do think people will like Season 2, based on the scenes that I've witnessed of other people. I think people are really going to be riveted."

The story revolves around a bunch of elite vacationers staying in the resort The White Lotus and unexpected events occur

This is a limited HBO series now streaming on Disney+.