The Voice: Jim & Sasha Allen Continue To Face Heat As Fans Ask Them To “Pack Up”

By Christy Mathew

While Joshua Vacanti was able to convert his detractors into supporters, it appears that Jim and Sasha Allen from season 21 of ‘The Voice’ will have to work even harder on their performances; as their most recent one on the episode, 19 did not go over well with social media users.

On Monday, November 22, a new edition of the singing reality show aired; with the top 11 participants competing for the top 10 slots on songs picked by their fans. After singing their rendition of Creedence Clearwater Revival’s “Have You Ever Seen the Rain?” on Twitter; Team Ariana’s father and son combo was once again viciously chastised.

The couple revealed before taking the stage that they had always wanted to perform on this song. In response, their mentor Ariana remarked that they should take it as a sign from their fans and followers; who clearly knew the type of musicians the couple aspired to be.

Jim and Sasha Allen are known for their understated performances, and they continued the tradition with their latest rendition. Blake Shelton gushed over the couple, saying they sounded wonderful and their bond as father and son was amazing to behold.

Ariana Grande and Blake Shelton both joked about how many instruments Jim could play, but both agreed that the father-son combination was one of the season’s most gifted artists.

Speaking of the top 10, one competitor will be sent home from the top 11 in the following episode; regardless of whose team they are on. Wendy Moten, Girl Named Tom, Holly Forbes, Jershika Maple, Lana Scott, Joshua Vacanti; Jeremy Rosado, Gymani, Jim & Sasha Allen, Paris Winningham, and Hailey Mia are now among the top 11 finalists.

While slamming the duo, one user said, “This was the worst singing of the night.  You could have pulled someone from the audience who sings better.” Another said, “Unfortunately their “A-“ game still doesn’t measure up to any of the other Top 11. So how tf do they keep getting voted through.” One user got irritated and asked, “Why are they even still on the show?”