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‘The Voice’ Finale Dubbed ‘Rigged’ As Jershika Maple, Hailey Mia Fail To Win

By Christy Mathew

‘The Voice’ season 21 concluded with Kelly Clarkson’s team winning the competition. Kelly, who served as a judge on the show for eight years, won the coveted title for the fourth time with the Girl Named Tom trio. While many people praised the singers and said they deserved to win; others slammed the show as candidates Jershika Maple and Hailey Mia were unable to lift the trophy.

In the first finale episode, Jershika Maple performed Adele’s cult classic ‘Rolling in the Deep,’ whereas Hailey chose Olivia Rodrigo’s chart-topping hit ‘Déjà vu.’ Because Jershika and Hailey were fan favourites, viewers of the singing reality show became enraged; accusing the show of being rigged. 

For the uninitiated, Team Legend’s Jershika Maple was ranked sixth, while Hailey Mia, a 14-year-old crooner; was ranked fourth.

Jershika came in last on two occasions but was able to make it through both times. Hailey Mia would have become the youngest person to ever win ‘The Voice’ if she had won. “I feel bad bc this is probably the best day of GNT’s life and everyone is mad but wtf. how’d they win. 

Anyways I’ll be stanning Hailey and Wendy and Jershika and pretending this isn’t real xoxo.” Another stated, “I thought FOR SURE wendy or hailey would win the voice,” a user stated.

Another stated, “I thought FOR SURE wendy or hailey would win the voice”. One individual tweeted, “Can’t believe The Voice let REAL talent go. Jershika, Hailey Mia, Wendy & Paris deserved sm better.” Whereas, one posted, “Not girl named Tom winning the voice over jershika, Wendy, and Hailey!!!!????”

The next one said, “Y’all not dead serious about the voice finale #thevoicefinale this is the stupidest finale I’ve ever seen. First thing first wth jershika and hailey didn’t deserve to be in the bottom. Who keeps voting for GNT I’m tired of y’all. Do y’all not know talent. Wendy deserved it”.