The Updated Nike Dunk Low Twist Appears With “Jade Ice” Flavor

Nike has done it again with the legendary Dunk Low sneaker. 

The new Dunk Low Twist is only available for ladies and comes in a stunning "Jade Ice" color that offers the sneaker a fresh, futuristic aesthetic.

The sneaker retains the overall shape of the original Dunk Low from 1985, but has undergone significant visual enhancements that warrant the $20 price hike.

A variety of panels highlight the smooth leather top, with a semi-translucent plastic bumper on the toe and bottom heel. 

The raised logo on the tongue and plastic swooshes on the sides give the sneaker a modern vibe that distinguishes it from its basketball shoe roots.

The Twist keeps a regular sole unit, unlike other women's versions of the Dunk Low, giving it a versatile and comfortable alternative for everyday use.

Nike fans will be looking forward to the debut of the Dunk Low Twist on, which is slated to be on sale shortly for $130. 

This shoe is likely to please fashion-forward sneakerheads, and the "Jade Ice" hue will turn fans everywhere it goes.