Kobe Bryant was a student of the game; he was always trying to get better and even during his last years in the league, the Black Mamba identified the toughest opponents he 

could have on the court, learned everything about them, and tried to find a weakness he could use against them.

Lou Williams recently sat down with Quentin Richardson and Darius Miles on the 'Knuckleheads' podcast, where he talked about the time Kobe figured out a way to stop Curry.

“We was playing Golden State,” Williams said. “And this was when Steph was starting to catch fire. He was starting to turn into ‘The Chef.’ You know what I’m saying? And he came in 

and he said, ‘I f—— found it.’ He just kept saying, ‘I f—– found it.’ … He like, ‘He don’t like people standing on the side of him. He can shoot with you in front of him. 

He can shoot with you behind him. But on his side, he don’t like that. I’mma guard him the second half.’ Shut him down again. So, after that, I was a believer. 

After that, I’m like, ‘Everything that I’ve heard about Kobe Bryant is all true.’”

Kobe wasn't the best defender at the start of his career, but Kobe worked hard until he became one of the best players on the less glamorous sides of the ball. 

He had a vast knowledge of the game and used it against every opponent, and even when it looked like he couldn't figure things out, Kobe always did it.