The Sandbox To Build ‘TIME Square’ In Metaverse

The Sandbox and TIMEPieces, an NFT community initiative under TIME, a US media organisation, launched a new partnership on Tuesday to establish ‘TIME Square,’ the company’s first-ever metaverse location.

TIME Square, inspired by the aesthetic spirit and vitality of New York City’s iconic urban area, will be erected on the media outlet’s virtual land in The Sandbox as a venue for convening, art, and commerce.

TIME Square will be a welcoming atmosphere where TIMEPieces holders can enjoy one-of-a-kind experiences.

The site will provide virtual access to debates, events, screenings of TIME Studios productions, and educational experiences for the TIMEPieces community.

The site will provide virtual access to a variety of educational experiences, as well as dialogues, events, and screenings of TIME Studios productions for the TIMEPieces community.

TIME President Keith A. Grossman announced the partnership at an event held by The Sandbox at NFT.NYCnyc.

He also launched an open invitation to architects to redesign TIME Square as a world-renowned metaverse cultural centre.

TIMEPieces is looking for an architect that can rethink the site as a voxel construct by reaching out to the active community of people who are passionate about the metaverse all over the world.

“Our goal is to create a destination that will be the heart of the metaverse,” said Grossman. “Since launching TIMEPieces in September 2021, we have focused on developing a community in Web3 that benefited from the incredible 100-year legacy and access TIME has established.” Grossman said.