The Rock is spending lengthy spans of time inside a high tech visual effects machine called “the egg” for his upcoming film, Black Adam.

In the caption Rocky accompanies with the pictures, he notes how he “can only move his eyes, head & shoulders, focusing on marks no bigger than a quarter.”

“Very long workday, but very productive for our VFX production of BLACK ADAM⚡️

10 hours of sitting in “the egg” shooting extremely complicated sequences where I can only move my eyes,

head & shoulders focusing on marks no bigger than a quarter – all while performing as #BlackAdam.

“In the mythology, TETH ADAM (his original name before his soul is darkened to BLACK), starts off as a slave in his birthplace of Kahndaq, the Rock continued writing.

“These slave sequences are super intricate and complex. Requires a real TEAM EFFORT to get the job done.

A huge THANK YOU to our director, Jaume Collet Serra, our Black Adam VFX Supervisor, and two-time Oscar winner, Bill Westenhofer, our entire A+ post-production crew,and the brilliant LOLA Visual Effects Team.

Thank you all for your time and incredible talents and I can’t wait for the world to finally see THE MAN IN BLACK⚡️#vfx#mythologycomestolife#blackadam⚡️”

It’s been years The Rock was first revealed as “Black Adam”, and at the time, all that was seen was an illustration of what the Black Adam character was set to look like.