Christy R Mathew

The Nike Air Huarache Softens Up With Lilac Purple

Nike has never been bashful about offering a variety of colour options for the Air Huarache. 

The 1991 running shoe was available in a range of colours, including white leather uppers and coloured neoprene inside, and since its mass re-introduction in the early 2010s, the Huarache has become one of the most iconic Nike sneakers of all time.

Nike is still experimenting with new hues in the shoe's original design, as shown here with this light Lilac purple edition, with more OG bring-backs in the pipeline. 

This Air Huarache mixes the light purple tone with a light blue at the back, as it is applied to the heel area of the neoprene bootie interior as well as the clip at the end, comparable to a newly shown Vapormax Plus.

These are available for $120 and will be available on soon.

Take a closer look at the pair.

Stay tuned for more.

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