The New Balance TWO WXY V2 Decorated In Marigold And Bleach Blue

By Christy R Mathew

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Nowadays, the game of basketball is essentially positionless.

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Seven footers dominate trey balls from 30 feet or more, while 6'5 guards take you down to the block for some midrange action. 

 When it came time to create their next piece of basketball technology, New Balance replicated the same emotion with the New Balance TWO WXY V2. 

The "Marigold Blue" V2 is the second edition in the TWO WXY series, and it has Kinetic Stitch construction across the synthetic upper for a lock-down sensation that responds to each minor movement.

The mid-top style combines an artfully scribbled mid-collar for ankle support, as well as NB's famed FuelCell foam, which pushes you in any direction you see fit.

Mismatched TWO WXY insignia in vivid orange and light blue appear on the tongue above black dotted white laces, while the colour scheme adds a creative twist to an otherwise plain white hue. 

You may have seen Dejounte Murray wear the white/black/marigold combo during All-Star practise back in February.

The New Balance TWO WXY V2, which was supposed to be released in the spring, is now available via the sites.

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