The MSCHF BWD Can be Worn From the Front and Back

Written by Christy R Mathew

MSCHF, a Brooklyn-based creative firm, is recognized for its unusual and one-of-a-kind footwear creations.

The "BWD" shoe, which has a two-way design with twin foot entries for flexible style possibilities, was just produced by the company.

The shoe also includes open toe boxes and compartments, giving it the appearance of a mule.

The rest of the shoe is understated, with white leather uppers, pierced medial ornamentation, and striped ankle designs. 

The bulky silhouette is evocative of skate shoes from the 1990s, and the red suede heel counters feature MSCHF's triple exclamation point pattern and arrows for appropriate wearability.

The warning label can be found all over the sneaker, placed on top of geometric speckled midsoles and ribbed gum bottoms.

On April 11, the MSCHF BWD will be offered solely through the MSCHF app.

 Fans of the brand will be thrilled with this novel and inventive addition to their footwear inventory.