The Mother of KSI Sends Andrew Tate a Heartfelt Message

Since two years ago, everyone has been hearing the name Andrew Tate. 

On the internet, "Top G" has succeeded in becoming the person most frequently looked for worldwide.

Tate was jailed a few months ago on charges of human trafficking by the Romanian Police.

His guilt hasn't been proven yet, but the investigation is still going on.

Although there have been clear disagreements between Andrew Tate and KSI, Yinka Olatunji nevertheless spoke her voice and wished "Top G" well. 

However, in one of her subsequent tweets, she defended her son's honour while also expressing her anxiety as a mother.

On Twitter, Yinka Olatunji responded to a previous speech by Andrew Tate. 

She referred to Tate as a smart young man since she shared his views about masculinity. This was tweeted by her on Friday.



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