On 'NBA Today' Thursday morning, ESPN's Kendrick Perkins was quick to say the Clippers when asked which NBA team had the best offseason so far.

As he would go on to explain, the roster they've constructed is one of the best and most talented in the league.

"When you look at the Los Angeles Clippers, they won this offseason and I don’t even think it’s close!” Kendrick Perkins said on ESPN’s NBA Today.

"When you talk about the most important position in the NBA, the wing position, they are loaded with them. From Paul George to Kawhi Leonard to Robert Covington to Nicolas Batum."

"They have Norman Powell. And then you look at the point guard position: Reggie ‘Hot Sauce’ Jackson and John Wall both competing for that spot, you can’t go wrong with either one."

"They re-signed big Zubac. They have one of the best coaches in the game today in Ty Lue."

"And I’m looking at this team and I’m like I don’t know a team that’s more versatile than the Los Angeles Clippers and they have a loaded roster."

"They brought everyone back, they’re gonna get healthy. I don’t understand how they didn’t get an A+ [on ESPN’s offseason grades]. They [were] the team that was supposed to get an A+."

The Clippers didn't make any major moves this summer, but they were able to keep many important players around, including Norman Powell, Robert Covington, and Ivica Zubac.

With a fully healthy squad, that includes Paul George and Kawhi Leonard at their best, the Clippers could really make some noise in the West.