The Kardashians Episode 1 Revealed Kylie Jenner's Baby Boy Name?

The Kardashians season 2, just premiered yesterday and the first episode was kind of focused on Khloe Kardashian.

The first episode ended, with Khloe getting to know the truth about Tristan cheating on her once again, which leaves her devastated.

In the episode, the Kardashian family stands beside Khloe to support her during this hard time and cheer her up for the upcoming baby.

A TikToker named Marissa Spagnoli has observed that in this Khloe-focused episode, the name of Kylie's baby is maybe revealed.

Kylie gave birth to a baby boy, whose name is not yet known to the world.

When Khloe facetime True Thompson  to show her the new surrogate baby, true greets him and says 'Hi snowy'.

As of now no other Kardashian baby name is revealed to be snowy and Khloe tells her the newborn baby is not snowy.

The tiktoker thinks that Snowy may be Kylie's baby name as it goes well with her other daughter's name 'Stormi'.