the internet rejoices as brian laundrie may face death sentence

– Christy Mathew

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As per experts, if authorities catch hold of Brian Laundrie and charge him with Gabby Petito's murder, he might face a death sentence. The influencer's remains were found on Sunday, September 19 inside the Bridger-Teton National Forest. But her official identification was only confirmed on September 21. 


Her death was ruled out as homicide.  Gabby's family had filed a missing person report for her on September 11 after not being able to get in touch with her. She was on a cross-country trip with her boyfriend, Brian. He is a person of interest in the case. The boyfriend did not inform anyone about Gabby's whereabouts.

Eventually even Brian went missing and his parents told authorities that they saw him on September 14. Since then, police have been looking for him. But he is still free of charges.



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Alfredo Garcia, a professor said if Brian was captured and investigators charge him with Gabby's death, he would face a death penalty. He added, “If it [the crime] occurred in Wyoming, they would have jurisdiction” for the process through death penality.

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A private investigator added that he hopes that his person is found and that he pleads guilty if he is the perpetrator. People on Twitter have been expressing their views online for quite sometime. A user said, “Great news I found. Wyoming has the death penalty.   #BrianLaundrie #GabbyPetito.”


The second one wrote, “Correct me if wrong.... both Wyoming and Florida have death penalty? If the coward is taken alive, he could face execution or life in jail if convicted. Life in jail may be worse being he abused a woman. #GabbyPetito #BrianLaundrie.”



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