The Force That Drove Floyd Mayweather to Be Who and Where He Is

A dream has come true. Floyd Mayweather, 45, is now officially a Hall of Famer under the International Boxing Hall of Fame class of 2021-22.

Muhammad Ali, Joe Frazier, “Sugar” Ray Robinson, Roberto Durán, Mike Tyson, and now finally ‘Money.’ At only ten years of age, Mayweather made his amateur debut. 

And today, it is over three decades since the lad out of the ghettos of Grand Rapids has been hustling.

A few things are time and time again reiterated in a discussion concerning ‘Money.’ His unbeaten professional record, an unparalleled work ethic, insane PPV numbers, and an irreplaceable contribution to the exposure of the sport. 

However, for most, what stands out is his lavish life and extravagant way of living.

From the eyes of a sports person, what is spectacular about him is that he is 50-0, officially retired, but still fighting. However, from the eyes of the critique of social science, he is an advocate of capitalism, a motivator of labor, and a construct of several unattractive circumstances faced in life.

He calls himself ‘Money,’ and goes by the self-given title of ‘The Best Ever.’ Therefore, the intelligent question at this is: What determines the consciousness of Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather?

Karl Marx once said, “It is not consciousness of men that determines their being, but, on the contrary, their social being that determines their consciousness.”

Given his will to compete, earn, and flex; in the light of the above statement, the development of Floyd Mayweather, the boxing wizard, makes quite an ideal study.