The BTS Video For Squid Game Reveals How Much CGI Was Used In The Show

Squid Game’s behind-the-scenes video reveals how much CGI was used in the series.

Squid Game, created by Hwang Dong-hyuk, has become a worldwide hit and one of Netflix’s most popular series.

The survival thriller, written and directed by Dong-hyuk, centers on a deadly competition involving 456 people from all walks of life who become participants in a series of children’s games in order to win the grand prize.

Netflix has released an official Squid Game product line, the Squid Game cryptocurrency has gained popularity, and popular YouTuber Mr. Beast has built a real-life Squid Game set.

Despite losing its number one rank on Netflix’s charts recently, Squid Game has maintained its popularity. Squid Game’s visual effects are now revealed in greater detail in a new video.

A behind-the-scenes video posted by Hyungrok Kim, a CG supervisor on Gulliver Studios’ Squid Game, explains which elements of the series were brought to life with CGI.

The Squid Game video, which includes the Red Light, Green Light arena, Glass Bridge Game tiles, a rat on Kang Sae-byeok as she crawls through a tunnel, and the dangling globe holding the cash prize, illustrates the impressive amount of visual effects that went into bringing the dystopian series to life.