The Amazing Chemistry Of Jinyoung And Krystal Is Featured In A Special Poster Released By ‘Police University’

KBS broadcasted a new special poster for “Police University,” its newest coming-of-age romantic comedy-drama.

B1A4 singer Jinyoung and f(x) member Krystal, who both lead the drama series with “Along with the Gods: The Two Worlds” actor Cha Tae Hyun, were both featured in a new special poster.

The lead actors Jinyoung and Krystal, who played Kang Seon Ho and Oh Kang Hee, respectively, were featured in a special poster released by KBS.

Jinyoung and Krystal captivate the audience with their steely gazes and reassuring grins, demonstrating their commitment to justice and passion as police officers.

With the unique and amusing stories of the teachers and aspiring police officers in the institution, “Police University” grabbed the hearts of viewers of all ages.

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