TC Candler Has Named Lisa The ‘Most Beautiful Face Of 2021’

BLACKPINK’s Lalisa Manoban (stage name Lisa) adds another accomplishment to her belt with TC Candler’s publication of their “Most Beautiful Face of 2021” list this week.

The names that made this year’s lists were announced on December 28 by TC Candler, the developer of the annual rankings for “100 Most Beautiful Faces” and “100 Most Handsome Faces.”

Her bandmates were all listed in the top 50 on the list, without a doubt.

Paing Takhon, a Myanmar actor, also took home the prize for the men. After being caught in prison earlier this year and recently imprisoned for three years for supporting pro-democracy protests in his nation, the 25-year-old sparked anger on social media.

“Unlike most other annual beauty rankings, the 100 Most Beautiful Faces List is not a popularity contest, and it is definitely not country-specific,” according to TC Candler’s YouTube channel.

It’s not about who’s the sexiest or most well-known celebrity. Rather than reflecting public opinion, the list aims to inform and broaden it.”

TC Candler has been picking and revealing celebrity appearance rankings around the world since 2013, and the “LALISA” singer has been on the list for six years, since her debut in 2016.