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Taylor Swift And Starbucks Teaming Up ?

Starbucks Sparked Rumours Of A Collaboration With Taylor Swift When They Tweeted, “It’s Red Season”

While this was the moment fans knew something was up with Taylor Swift and Starbucks.

The coffee giant sent the internet abuzz on Monday when they tweeted, “It’s Red Season. 📷📷📷📷”. A statement that Taylor Nation, knowing the singer’s love for a good Easter egg, assumed could have something to do with the release of her upcoming Red (Taylor’s Version) album.

So it was followed up by Starbucks tweets insisted they are simply referring to the return of their holiday red cups and seasonal beverages.

But multiple sources have since claimed that “Taylor’s drink,” a grande caramel nonfat latte, will be available at Starbucks on Friday, the same day Swift’s Red re-release hits stores.

Deux Moi, a celebrity gossip Instagram account, anonymously claimed that customers can order Swift’s favorite caramel beverage by asking for “Taylor’s drink”. No representative from Starbucks or Taylor’s side has confirmed the news yet.

“From Starbucks red cups to the upcoming release of Red (Taylor’s Version), its officially red season! ‍📷📷” they said. “We do not have anything more to share”.