Jordan Brand is a subsidiary of Nike, but operates independently, with the athletes that they sign being classified as Jordan athletes and not Nike athletes.

Only 8 players signed to the brand have ever received a signature shoe, and we are looking at every single one of them.

1. Eddie Jones - 1997 Eddie Jones received the 'Jumpman Pro Quick' model to mirror his playing style. It was later renamed the 'Swift'.

2. Vin Baker - 1997 In the same year, Vin Baker received the 'Jumpman Pro Strong' model. The name was later changed to 'Vindicate'.

3. Carmelo Anthony - 2003 With MJ retiring in 2003, the brand signed Carmelo Anthony in the same year.  He got his first signature shoe  'Jordan Melo 1.5' in 2004.

4. Chris Paul - 2006 Chris Paul was someone that Michael Jordan personally had his eye on for a long time. CP3 received his first signature shoe in 2008, called as 'Jordan CP3'.

5. Dwyane Wade - 2009  Wade being a Chicago-born shooting guard, was a perfect fit to be signed for the Jordon Brand. He received his signature shoe, the 'Jordan Fly Wade' in 2011.

6. Russell Westbrook - 2013 Jordan signed Westbrook in 2013, not long after his OKC made it to the NBA Finals with him as the starting PG. Russ reveived his signature shoe, the 'Jordan Why Not Zer0.1' in 2018.

7. Zion Williamson - 2019 Despite having an injury-riddled rookie season, Zion blossomed into an All-Star as a sophomore, which led to the debut of the 'Jordan Zion 1'.

8. Luka Doncic - 2019 Doncic is the first non-American player to have been given the signature shoe treatment by  His Airness. 'Jordan Luka 1' is expected to release in 2022, but only pictures of the same have been shared so far.

A ninth signature shoe through Jayson Tatum has been confirmed by him, but no further details have been revealed. Tatum will become the 9th player to receive a signature shoe from Jordan.