Supporters criticise Tyson Fury as Oleksandr Usyk makes a significant announcement

Boxing fans don't often get to hear a significant statement from one of the most captivating competitors.

Yet when Oleksandr Usyk recently used Twitter to deliver some news, that is precisely what took place. 

Tensions appear to be increasing between the two boxers as boxing fans impatiently await the highly anticipated showdown between Oleksandr Usyk and Tyson Fury. 

Usyk just added fuel to the flames by making a significant revelation on his Twitter page.

Boxing fans all across the world are interested in recent important news that Oleksandr Usyk made on his Twitter account. 

His team was pushing the envelope to combine cutting-edge technology with the adored sport of boxing, he claimed in a video that was posted with the announcement.

Several fans congratulated Usyk on the new endeavour, but others used the chance to criticise Tyson Fury, the WBC Heavyweight champion.

The announcement was welcomed with conflicting reactions. 



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