Streamer BikiniBodhi Banned From Twitch For Restreaming League Of Legends Playoffs

Twitch DMCA is no joke and it’s one of the worst nightmares of Twitch streamers!

Why was BikiniBodhi banned? Well, he had no permission to ‘restream’ the LEC Summer Playoffs but he did.

And what happens next? Let's Find Out!

The official rights to stream the League of Legends Summer Playoffs rest with few selected streamers and the official Riot partners.

BikiniBodhi claims that he is a ‘poopiehead’ for not researching well enough before restreaming the LEC playoffs.

“Prob got DMCA’d for restreaming LEC playoffs,” wrote BikiniBodhi.

He said in one of his tweets that the “ban should last a few days I guess”.

The Twitch support has not given any statement or reply to BikiniBodhi so far.