Stray Kids Discusses Concept And Meaning Of “Thunderous” And “NOEASY,” Growth Through “Kingdom,”

Stray Kids talked about their comeback in a Q&A session ahead of the release of their second studio album, “NOEASY,” and the title tune “Thunderous.”

After ‘Kingdom’ concluded, we were able to feel even more powerfully our pride in our team and the love that STAY has for us,” Changbin said.

We’re approaching our work with the sense of duty and confidence that comes with the title of ‘Kingdom’ winner,” Seungmin continued.

The Korean terminology for “Thunderous” is “sorikkun,” which refers to a vocalist who specialises in traditional Korean music.

The meaning of the song is that Stray Kids, as sorikkun [naggers], will face up against the jansorikkun [naggers] and fearlessly let fly our sound,” Bang Chan added.

The combination of forceful rap rhymes, resonant brass sounds, and traditional Korean instruments creates a distinct sound that is unmistakably “Stray Kids.”