Stranger Things Volume 2 is here!

Netflix launched the most awaited trailer for Stranger Things volume 2 on June 21

The trailer teases the epic finale of the season.

The trailer looks pretty intense and will conclude the season leaving the fans wondering and speculating about Season 5 of this mega-series.

The story is based six months after the events of the Battle of Starcourt that led to destroying Hawkins.

In the trailer the dialogue- "Hawkins will fall" suffices for the destruction of Hawkins.

The friends are not together for the first time and dealing with the obstacles of high school hasn't been easy for them.

A new supernatural threat appears.

The bunch of high schoolers are to face another mystery and solving it could mean putting an end to the possible haunting consequences

The epic two-part season finale of Stranger Things 4 premiers July 1 on Netflix