Stranger Things Season 4 Is Surprising And Romantic, As Star Revealed

Season 4 of the popular Netflix series Stranger Things will be “Surprising” and “Romantic,” according to Noah Schnapp, who plays Will Byers.

Schnapp, who made his acting debut in the 2015 historical thriller Bridge of Spies starring Tom Hanks, also provided the voice of Charlie Brown in the animated Peanuts Movie.

His life would be dramatically changed a year later when he starred in the first season of Stranger Things as Will Byers, the missing boy.

Stranger Things, created by Matt and Ross Duffer, has garnered a dedicated fan following including several honors for its acting, writing, visual effects, and production, including 10 Primetime Emmy Award nominations.

Since the publication of the third season in 2019, fans have been anticipating the release of the fourth season, which was originally hinted at in September 2019.

Following a series of production delays caused by the Coronavirus outbreak, Schnapp eventually stated that filming on the new season had concluded last month.

Stranger Things has always been a romantic show, with various relationships developing over the course of the last few seasons.