Stranger Thing's actor Maya Hawke's amusing wish on Father's Day for Ethan Hawke

Ethan Hawke was seen playing an antagonist role as Arthur Harrow in the Moon Knight.

The actor is set to make his appearance in The Black Phone, and The Northman this year.

Maya Hawke, she will be seen reprising her role in the Stranger Things volume 2 of Season 4 .

Netflix has recently released a sneak peek of Volume 2 of Stranger things which will be coming on July 1st, 2022.

Celebrating father's Day, the younger daughter of the Hawke family- Peyton Dix wished her dad in an amusing way, on social media

The post said "Happy Father's Day specifically to Ethan Hawke making his son switch seats with him so he could get at Rihanna."

Maya Hawk reshared this funny post to her Instagram story and added- "Happy Father's Day dad."

The Hawkes are ruling this year in the industry! Indeed it's been quite a year for them.

Stranger Things and Moon Knight are now streaming on Netflix and Disney+ respectively.