How things can change in a matter of days. Go back to the fourth quarter of Game 4 of these NBA Finals and you'd see the Golden State Warriors potentially being on the brink of going down 3-1.

The Boston Celtics had completed a stunning turnaround in the fourth quarter of Game 3 and they were threatening to do it again in Game 4 after taking a 5-point lead with under 8 minutes remaining.

The Warriors then went on a 21-6 win to tie up the series and they carried on that momentum to surge ahead in Game 5.

The Warriors  are now just a game away from their 4th title with this core and Steve Kerr was rather bullish about their chances of ending things in Boston in Game 6.

Steve Kerr while addressing his team after the victory said, "Unbelievable job I could literally go around every single one of you guys and just tell you how amazing you were. 

That was a total team effort, especially as they came and punched us in the mouth. We're going to get this in Boston. We're going to finish this in Boston okay. Whatever Steph said yesterday it still 

applies right. Tomorrow we get our rest and get on the plane and go get everything you need done, treatment-wise, migration, eat well, take care of it. You take all that stuff lock-in."

Kerr was talking to the team in the locker room after the game and they have to feel really good about their chances of winning the title.

The Warriors  became the first team to hand Boston two successive losses in this postseason and they've just been better than them recently when it comes to finishing off these games.