The Golden State Warriors will be taking in the evening to have some royal celebrations after clinching yet another NBA Championship.

While players like Curry, Draymond Green, and Klay Thompson have secured their 4th championship ring, Steve Kerr secured his 9th after having won 5 as a player.

He won 3 with the Chicago Bulls during their second three-peat and then went on to win 2 more with the San Antonio Spurs, led by Tim Duncan.

After the Warriors win tonight, Kerr found himself thinking about Duncan and laid out the similarities between Steph Curry and Duncan.

"Steph reminds me so much of Tim Duncan. Obviously, very different players, but just from a humanity standpoint, a talent standpoint. Humility, confidence, it's just a 

wonderful combination that makes everybody want to win for. I'm obviously thrilled for everyone in that room. With Steph, without him, none of this happens. 

That's not taking away from the ownership, Bob Myers, our players, we've had so many great players. But Steph ultimately is why this run has happened, much like Timmy in San Antonio."

Curry is the franchise cornerstone for the Warriors like how Duncan was for the Spurs. He didn't end up winning all the Finals MVPs either. 

The best teammates know when it's time to lead and when it's time to let someone else hoop, and that is the kind of player one wants on their title team.