Many people thought that Joel Embiid should have been this year's MVP, but that award ended up going to Nikola Jokic.

Stephen Jackson recently went off on the voting process, claiming that Joel Embiid got "f***ed", and it's clear he thinks the 76ers big man was robbed of the MVP.

"Some kind of way we've got to get a hold of this voting s**t, man. Jokic is great, better than I ever was."

"I ain't taking nothing from him, but he is not a back-to-back MVP just like Steve Nash wasn't a back-to-back MVP."

"These are just facts, man. Its other players having great years — career years — whose teams have a chance to win the championship."

"And if you know the game, you know Denver did not have a chance to win the championship. That’s just speaking facts, not taking nothing from him. Just the facts, bro. "

“All these people that never made a basket or got a rebound voting, living their dreams through a keyboard and messing up the game and affecting people’s careers."

"I got an idea; the Top-75, why don’t you let them vote? The Top-75 players of all time, let them vote for the MVP every year. It’s that simple."

"Stop letting these people vote, who are living their dreams through a keyboard and never had a chance to take a shot, get a rebound, or a charge. For real, this s**t is crazy. Joel Embiid, you got f***ed.”

Jokic deserves the MVP as he put amazing box score numbers and managed to bring the Denver Nuggets to the playoffs without co-stars Jamal Murray and Michael Porter Jr.